We make trusted connections work.*

Our dedication to innovative cyber-secure solutions lets you connect to your world with confidence.
*Our connected world depends on security. And as industries continue to introduce smart, connected technologies that link more elements of everyday life together, trust becomes increasingly important.

We look to address cyber threats proactively via a system-wide defensive approach and an unwavering focus on the dangers malware, spyware and ransomware present across the globe. Our cybersecurity professionals are ever-alert, working tirelessly to monitor and respond to risks. We design our products to protect against possible threats, so cybercriminals can’t get a foothold. And, via our Cybersecurity Center of Excellence, we research and implement technologies that make it easier to develop, deploy and maintain our products at the highest levels of cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity challenges are now a part of everyday life. No matter the application you run, our experts are here — working to address whatever threats cybercriminals have in store.

We make secure-by-design work.*

*With over 8.4 billion connected devices in the market and forecasts suggesting 75.4 billion worldwide by 2025, you just can’t take chances with cybersecurity. With top-of-their-field experts and products and services designed and tested at specialized labs, Eaton devices are ready to take cybercriminals head on.

Eaton’s “secure-by-design” philosophy assures that our products meet rigorous cybersecurity and safety design and testing standards. Our cyber experts meet and exceed competencies recognized by international standards organizations. Our cybersecurity processes and secure development lifecycle are integrated into product development and guide our labs, procurement and design teams as the foundation of innovation. And our customized testing procedures help ensure our products comply with industry cybersecurity standards.

Cybersecurity doesn’t happen by accident; with continuously evolving system complexities, threat scenarios and technologies, it’s a never-ending journey. At Eaton, we’re dedicated to staying ahead of the curve when it comes to cybersecurity standards.


How Eaton innovates cyber-safe products (PDF 145 KB)

Cybersecurity best practices
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