We make safe and sound work.*

*Safety doesn’t happen by accident. It’s something we all think about when making big decisions like buying a car or just doing everyday tasks like walking the dog at night. Each of us is constantly making decisions to ensure our own safety at home, on the road or on the job.

At Eaton, we’re continually implementing safer processes to protect employees (yours and ours), educating our customers and partners on best practices and engineering solutions to create a safer world for everyone. Our electrical equipment helps keep workers out of harm’s way. Our performance differentials keep drivers in control. Our circuit breakers and loadcenters protect homes around the world. Even on vacation, whether on a cruise ship or an airplane, our products play an important part in making sure you’re safe and sound.

Because when it comes to safety, there’s no taking time off.

We make accident-free days work.*

*Whether in a corner office or mine shaft, behind the wheel or the checkout counter, business owners and operators shoulder the responsibility for providing a safe and secure environment. We understand the safety challenges businesses face – because we face them ourselves in sites all around the world.

Our arc-resistant switchgear protects electrical workers from the catastrophic dangers of arc flash events. Our explosion-proof switches and enclosures help keep oil and gas operations safer. And our transmissions and locking differentials keep drivers and passengers safe in all types of vehicles, from fire trucks to school buses to racecars, and big rigs to tow trucks. No matter where you work, we are working to keep you safe.


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